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Why Drink Organic wine?

We have been in conversion to organics for years and are now fully certified with Biogro as of March 2011, being the first vineyard in the Auckland Wine Region to do this.  It has been a fasinating journey with many trials and tribulations.  We are still young, still learning and forever growing.  The last year has seen many changes, the planting of vegetable gardens and orchard block, growing bio-dynamic preparations and learning how to implement them.  We've built our cow pat pit, so we're on our way!

We are very proud and previleged to be natures carers of our 24 hectares of land.  We hope to nurture not only our vines, but our team of people.  They are the caretakers of our fruit and commit so much by hand tending our vines to produce the very best wines - a true expression of Turanga Creek.

See, it’s all about Terroir. In short, good product requires good soil management, good plant management and good winemaking.  With good growing practices, anything is possible.

Our clay actually gives us a significant advantage. Just like the traditional French vineyards, we don’t have to irrigate, and in fact the property has been extensively drained to remove excess water. Our wine bar, once operating, will be sourcing local organic produce where possible, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs and cheeses, many of which we are growing ourselves.


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