Vision & Philosophy

Our "Down to Earth" philosophy is about getting back to nature's roots and creating a sustainable property. We practice a respectable agricultural production, maintaining the symbiotic relationship between ourselves and the natural surroundings. It is important in our lifetime for people to understand the effects of growing within these boundaries for recyclable resources. Consumption of products and goods made with the support of elements found in your everyday environment, free from harmful residual chemicals, are risk free in terms of any adverse effects as they come directly from "Mother Nature". This is the reason why we farm organically and are certified with Biogro.

Our Story

Turanga Creek Vineyard began as a landscaping idea. Wayne and Mandy Allen purchased the property 20 years ago when it was a rundown stud farm and decided to plant a small vineyard - just over 1/2 a hectare. It grew into what it is today - 8 hectares planted in a variety of vines from the Rhone Valley. This includes Pinot Gris, Viognier and Syrah.

Organic Certification

After the first vintage in 2008 the decision was made to convert to organics after seeing how much chemical was used over one growing season and the effect it had on the soil. We have now been fully certified organic with Biogro since 2011 vintage. The decision to go with this certifier was due to their global recognition. This entails a yearly audit of everything used and made on the property. Having this certification keeps guarantees transparency with the consumer on what they are drinking and what is in the product that we make.

Once upon a time organics was for hippies with long hair, roman sandals and socks. Things have changed. Now not only does it create a point of difference in the market, but these products are better for our health, our soil and our environment and have no residue of toxic chemicals. Use of machinery is minimal - much of the work is carried out by hand by our dedicated team. We use no herbicides, insecticides or pesticides but instead use an undervine weeder in conjunction with sheep to control weeds. The sprays we use are biological and also include seaweed and teas made from an array of different plants, many which we grow ourselves.

We look at the farm as a whole integrated and self sustaining environment. A great deal of time and effort is spent nurturing our soil and biology therein. Wet land areas have been planted with water loving natives filtering the water before it joins the Turanga Creek. The planting of an orchard with heirloom varieties of trees, extensive vegetable and herb gardens add to our diversity and provide produce food for our families and our wine bar, Down to Earth. Everything possible is recycled including food scraps for the worm farm. All this contributes to create the best wines possible which show a true expression of our “terroir” and we trust that the only thing we leave in the soil are our footprints.


Turanga Creek Vineyard produces grapes and makes wine from five different varieties.

- Pinot Gris (3 ha) for two different styles; off-dry, easy drinking and dry, traditional.
- Viognier (2 ha) (pronounced V-ON-YAY) dry, aromatic white wine.
- Syrah (2 ha) for two different styles; light, blended with Viognier & full-bodied, cool climate Syrah.
- Merlot & Malbec (1 ha) for a blended, full-bodied red.


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